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Our Care Model

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At Christ Health, we are dedicated to serving the whole patient through medical, mental, and spiritual services. We encourage patients to take an active role in their care. Below you will learn information about our model of care and how we ensure you receive the best services from your Care Team at Christ Health.

Evidence Based Treatment

To provide excellent primary care services, Christ Health providers follow evidence-based standards of care. Evidence-based guidelines help providers and clients make appropriate decisions about how the patient can reach their individual health goals. Guidelines used by Christ Health have a sound scientific basis and are designed to assist the primary care providers in diagnosis and treatment. They are not intended to replace a clinician’s judgment or establish a protocol for all patients.

Patient Centered Medical Home

Christ Health provides you with the very best care by using a Patient Centered Medical Home model. A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) puts patients at the forefront of care. As a PCMH facility, Christ Health builds long-term relationships between patients and providers by placing you on a care team. Your personal care team will include your primary provider, other providers assigned to the same team, designated clinical support staff for the team, and any other staff or employees directly involved in your care. Care teams save the patient time and money, improving continuity of care and helping the patient reach individual health goals faster. More information about Christ Health care teams can be found on the Christ Health team page.

Annual Evaluation Process

Christ Health is evaluated annually as a PCMH facility by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). For more information on PCMH facilities and the NCQA evaluation, click here.

Additional Resources

For patients that wish to seek further information about Christ Health recognitions or further information about their care, we recommend the following resources: