Adult & Family Medical Providers

Dr. Robert Record, MD
Chief Executive Officer

English Gonzalez, MD

Cleon Rogers, MD

Marion Sims, MD, ABFP, FAAFP
Program Director

Beverly Kirk, CRNP

Cory Harris, MSHA, CRNP

Anna Musgraves, CRNP

Amelia Morton, MSN, CRNP
Chief Medical Officer

Anna Lochamy, Pharm. D.
Pharmacy Director

Sarah Williamson, CRNP

Paul Ward, MD

Elissa Handley Tyson, MD

Tyler Covington, MD

Kaitlyn Littleton, MD

Adam Johnston, MD

Jack Vibbert, DO

Ashley Walker, MD

Matthew Mabery, DO

Anna Worth, MD

Dee Denson, M.D.

Shawn Morehead, MD, MPH, ABFP, FAAFP
Associate Director

Cathy Scarbrough, M.D.

Beverly Vonderpool, MD., ABFP, FAAFP

Jessica Skelley, Pharm.D, BCACP

Stephanie Haas, CRNP

Andrew Wilkins, DO

Gary Hodge, MD

Klayton Barrows, DO

Phillip Higginbotham, MD

Jeff Jackson, MD

Ann Collins, DO

Byron Berry, DO

Giuseppe La Spina, MD


Sarah Scheurich-Payne, M.D.

Cleon Rogers, MD

Bry Lewis, MD

Angela Cope, M.D.

Dental Providers

Elaine Sides, D.M.D.
Dental Director

Live Oaks Providers

Gavin Brunsvold, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Director of Psychiatry

Charles Davis, MD
Staff Psychiatrist

Mary Elizebeth Sikora, LICSW
Therapist/Social Worker