A Heart for Healthcare in the Heart of Birmingham.


The work we are doing at Christ Health Center goes well beyond treating the sick. We are committed to the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of each of our patients. More than simply seeing the sick made well, at Christ Health Center we strive to see the well made whole and to see each patient living life abundantly. Our patients have access to the very best in primary care, dental services and professional counseling as well as medication therapy management through our on-site pharmacy. We accept all major forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. For our uninsured and under-insured patients with gross household incomes of 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines, we offer a generous nominal charge or sliding fee discount based on ability to pay as determined by family size and income.

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 7:45AM to 5:00PM. To make an appointment, call (205) 380-9455 during normal business hours. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911. If you are a patient of Christ Health Center need to speak to a provider concerning an urgent medical matter, please call our after hours service at (205) 380-9455.  


Our patients - rather, our neighbors - celebrate with joy and even laughter as they find freedom. We join them in their songs of redemption. This year, we have been blessed with enough songs of redemption to fill an anthology. Here are three we hope will bring you joy, as we invite you to celebrate with us in this symphony.


When we first met Nigel, he was vomiting up to eight times a day. Not sleeping, his blood pressure was through the roof, and he'd lost 40 pounds. Nigel had no money for medication, no insurance - only a painful brokenness. Aside from running blood tests - the results were as bad as you can imagine - all we could do was work on his drinking. With much prayer, Dr. Rogers invited him to church, but he didn't come. Alcohol had left him frail, hurting, and angry.


We ran even more tests and discovered Nigel might also have cancer. It's interesting how God knows just how to get our attention.

Nigel is now the picture of health, leading fitness classes at one of the premiere exercise studios in Birming­ham. He and his wife are leaders in our Woodlawn community development efforts. Everywhere we run into them, we find joy and hope overflowing to all around.

"I was broken, and bitter. But I got healthy. In fact, I've been sober since June 23, 2015! Today, I'm serving God. And I even married my best friend."

During a hospital stay, Ms. Madeline was told she should start preparing for the end of her life. She suffers from end-stage COPD. She wasn't eligible for government assistance ... and had limited financial resources, which made getting the round the clock oxygen she needed, near impossible.


While Ms. Madeline believed in God, she hadn't experienced a real relationship with Jesus. She was alone. And hope didn't seem to be a part of Ms. Madeline's song.

Oh, how time and touch change things. Today, she enjoys regular in-home visits from our beloved case man­ager, Amy. Ms. Madeline is even able to connect with new small group friends, using Skype to make her world a little bigger. Though she still struggles, she is healthier, and her life has an air of freedom.

"I felt all alone. Christ Health Center is such a blessing. And now I sing a new song."

Every few years, Shundarrica called a new place home. That's life in the foster care system. Without roots or a secure family life, she used school as an escape. Eventually, like many kids in her situation, she found an­other escape in drugs and alcohol. Bad decisions resulted in her being expelled from school. At a very young age, Shundarrica found herself with two young children and facing homelessness.


She realized she had no help, no education, and no idea what to do with her life. Shundarrica was desperate. She began attending church, but she held tightly to the things that were destroying her life. Until one day, God used a moment to draw her closer to him.

Shundarrica is doing her best to provide a loving home for her two babies. She is studying hard to become a medical assistant in hopes that she might find a great job and a better way forward for her family. She and her children are not only patients here, but truly part of our family.

"Christ Health Center helped me find my way. I am studying to become a nurse. One day, I will do for others what they have done for me."



God continues to bless our work as we are on pace to exceed our goal of seeing 20,000 patients this year. We are overwhelmed by the love of God, and we seek to follow Jesus by walking hand in hand with patients that our healthcare system in many ways has forgotten.